Founding a Clan

Creating a clan will become a lot easier with the new features but that’s not the key to success. A clanleader without members is just a normal player. You might not have a lot of good opportunities to start a successful clan, firstly because many people will look for a clan right after the release. Preferably one that is a well established clan, so timing and doing things right the first time is important.

Secondly you might become infamous if you mess up too often and create too much drama, getting members will become almost impossible then. That’s why having a solid concept from the start is important.

This should include the following main topics:

  • The people you want in the clan
  • The idea behind the clan
  • How you want to organize everything.

Many points are linked and important for multiple categories.
There is quite a lot of questions that you should answer before the first step.


The main feature of a clan is its members. It is important that you get a healthy amount and “quality” of members.

  • In which way do you want to recruit players?
  • Who do you want to attract?
  • Are there any age or level restrictions or preferences?
  • Which criterias for accepting somebody in do you have? How long should it take to be accepted on average?
  • What do you expect from a officer? How do you attract those people?
  • How big should your clan be, how fast do you want to grow?


Every clan needs mutual goals and a philosophy, this should be clear to avoid internal conflicts.

  • What type of clan are you? Competitive, casual or both?
  • Do you have any special objectives?
  • Do you want your members to be experienced or are you going to teach newer players?
  • How active do you require everybody to be?
  • Which language are you going to use?
  • What makes your clan unique, is there already another clan that does the same thing or can you fill a niche?
  • How strict are your rules, do you want a focused or relaxed atmosphere?


The organizational framework depends largely on your idea and concept, it keeps everything running.

  • What should the clan-name and logo be? Who can make a unique logo?
  • Do you want to rule alone or how much responsibility do you want to share with who?
  • How many leaders and officers are healthy for the size of your clan?
  • Do you want to use a external (voice-) communication program and if yes which one?
  • What rules do you have and where do you write them down?
  • Who will be enforcing the rules in which way?
  • How do you interact with other clans? How do you expect your members to represent the clan in the public?