Founding clans 1: Being the right clan leader

After a quick overview about what to watch out for when founding a clan I want to go a bit more in depth with some points and give some tips.

Let’s start with something very central when thinking about if you should start a clan: Do you have what it takes to be a good clan leader? Not just a clanleader. Anybody in Robocraft can create a clan, set it to ‘open’ and hope for the best. Clanleader is not just a title, it is a job description. This means there are also requirements that you should fulfill to be able to do that job well. Don’t worry, you can learn a lot on the fly but it will be a lot easier if you go into it with the right mindset.

Time and motivation

Managing a clan takes a lot of time, especially at the start. You can have others help you but don’t expect things to grow on their own. I have put in countless hours for thinking about and implementing rules, setting up the voice server, developing our recruitment system, setting up about a dozend forum- and social media pages, organising events, we have a Twitch and since recently a YouTube channel with regular uploads. I still invest a lot of time, just to keep all of this running. Of course a lot of this is optional but just keep in mind, depending on what you want to accieve, there might be a lot of work ahead. If you enjoy doing this I wish you a lot of fun but it might not be for everyone.

Being a role model

As clanleader people should be looking up to you, many will take you as a point of reference regarding what is ok and what not. If you flame your teammates or enemies in chat, others might do it too and even worse. The clanleader’s behaviour is often seen as the highest standard, usually people will find a level that is acceptable for normal members, which is below the highest standard. If the clan leaders standard is very low, that also drops the average standard. Complicated? Always be a bit better than what you expect from your members.
If you want everybody to be active it would be good if you yourself are also very active. If people don’t see you around, why should they accept you as leader instead of somebody else that can help more often? Why should they be active themselfes?

Leading through example is not just a empty phrase.

Keeping things running

As clanleader you should have a vision for the present and future. It might need to be adapted to fit recent or anticipated developments and the expectations of your clanmembers so being flexible and spontaneous can be very advantageous. The clanleader should always know what to do when and how. Who else would otherwise? Who would have the permissions and passwords?

Reacting quickly and planing ahead are equally important.

Having extensive permissions also brings a lot of responsibilities!

Being a Firewall

To protect your clan community from disruptive influences you will have to deal with any problems that arise, externally or internally. If somebody has a problem with one of your clanmembers you should be able to solve it in a diplomatic way. If somebody is causing trouble you are usually the last authority to decide who to exclude from the clan or ban from your social areas. It is one of your tasks to create a comfortble environment for your members in which they can concetrate on the game, that means a lot of work in the background which should ideally go unnoticed. Somebody once called me a scentient cloud, I prefer silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Multiple clanleaders

As mentioned above, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Especially at the start it is good to have others you can rely on to help and give advice. That can be other leaders or offiers. If you are uncertain about your abilities or simply don’t want to carry the whole burden alone it can be a good idea to share some power or responsibilities. You can learn a lot from how others approch a situation and getting feedback/discussing is important anyways. Just as a little tip, having ae emergency-plan in case somebody important suddenly disappears with half of your passwords or gets mad and tries to break things before leaving might prevent you from the worst.

The rewards

Clanleaders usually don’t gain any money from their voluntary work. What they do gain is positive feedback and experience. Growing Atlas Core into what it is now has been an awesome experience with many epic moments. I also learned a lot regarding social skills, speaking English and much more. It has been a straight up confidence boost that I feel helped me get my current IRL apprenticeship in a international high tech company. I would not be the same person without founding Atlas Core and I never regret what I did. You never know what will come from it so just try your best.

A clan is what you and others make of it.