Founding clans 3: Setting up the structure

After a quick overview about what to watch out for when founding a clan I want to go a bit more in depth with some points and give some tips.

After you decided what you want to do, it’s now time to develop a framework that supports your clan. This includes some of the formalities but can also get a bit more complicated when it comes to setting up things like recruitment and voice servers or advanced things like a own website.

A good structure is important for a positive first impression and how people perceive your clan but also assures that everything runs smooth internally. The creative stuff like rules and philosophy are set since last chapter so now it comes to the implementation.

The basics

You will need:

  • A good name
  • Original (highly recommended) and well made logo
  • Clan-Tag (optional) (Basically a short term or acronym for your clan)
  • Recruitment thread (optional)
  • Member list
  • Forum(-thread) (optional)
  • Somewhere you can post announcements and news
  • Some form of external communication

Recruitment and member list

I am assuming that you are not running an open in game clan, most thing here don’t apply for that. People need a place where they can get information about your clan and apply to join it. That can be a forum thread in the official Robocraft Clan Recruitment sub-forum or a page on Robocraft Garage.

Robocraft Garage has a more refined system, for example players can send applications without outsiders being able to see, you can directly add them or keep their application until the decision. Account security is already set up and it automatically creates a member list for you.

A publicly visible member list is important so people that are looking for a clan can see how many members you have and who it is. Maybe they recognize somebody and want to join because of that. If you are starting new I recommend to run your main applications through Robocraft Garage and use the Clan

Recruitment sub-forum as advertisement for people that are looking around there.

Want people to come in? Make sure there is a appropriate door.


Especially in the beginning it is helpfull to have a place where everybody can discuss topics that are important for everyone, also when somebody is offline but their oppinion should be considered. Some things are hard with only life chat as they get burried easily. Things like developing a logo anf the first structures will likely require a clan thread in the General Clan Chat subforum. A own website with forums is a luxury you should only go for if you have somebody that already has experience with that sort of stuff.

Announcements and news

At least the first time you have something important to say, you will be glad for a place where everybody will see it. Robocraft garage also lets you post clan news but other options are possible. Maybe put it in more than one location, just make sure to not spam it anywhere you shouldn’t. That is true for any advertising, make sure to not be too aggressive. Regular updates does not only tell everybody how it is going and what changed, it also shows that your clan is active and you are working on improving it.

External communication

The Robocraft in-game chat has been improved but it does not offer two very important things: Offline messages and voice chat.

Especially when you have members in different time-zones, you want to ask a important question or simply want to ask if somebody is still active, offline chats can be very helpful. Did I mention that Robocraft Garage also offers offline messages? ;)Voice chats are extremely important, equally for socializing and solidifying the group and for strategising during matches. It might be a bit hard to set up and maintain a server depending on what platform you choose but it is well worth it.

Most Robocraft clans are currently using Discord and this is what I would currently recommend. It can still be a bit tricky to set up the server without security-loopholes but it’s a lot easier than some other options.

Discord also has offline messages and you can use a text channel for announcements. All text channels can be read individually from the voice channels, which is a big plus since people from other clans might step by and you can do things together. It is also free for any operating systems and even works in webbrowsers or mobile.

For Atlas Core, Discord has become the most important platform they are on. All their internal communication and many other things run over it. We are now spread through multiple social medias, for the start It’s recommended to stick to the Robocraft forums, Robocraft Garage and Discord.

Communication is key!


While all clanmembers are the foundation, every community needs pillars to support it. That are your trusted officers. Those can come in many different versions with different permissions, you will have to find out what works for your setup. I already talked about fellow clanleaders and offiers here under “Multiple Clanleaders”. Unless you plan on being online 24/7 you should give trustworthy clanmembers the permissions that are necessary to keep things running in your absence.

For example you should always have somebody that can react when your voice server get attacked by some bored individual. To avoid disappointment, only give somebody the power to destroy all of your work if you would also trust them with your phone number. On the other hand you should use the potential of people that can bring your project forwards. Make sure to not have too many leaders for too