Founding Clans 4: Building a reputation

After a quick overview about what to watch out for when founding a clan I want to go a bit more in depth with some points and give some tips.

After everything is set up, it is now time to get people to join and make a name for yourselves. Also I am going over how to maintain a positive reputation. There are many things you can change on the fly but a clan only has one reputation from the first day to the last. You can try to adjust it towards something more positive from time to time but there is only so much you can do when everybody already hates you. Public opinion and hype are weird like that.

Getting the word out

Last post already goes over many things related to advertisement. What you should post where depends on your goals, just make sure to not be too aggressive. Word of mouth is very important. If somebody is talking about your clan with their friends or there are people with your clan-logo in the match, that is good. People need to know that joining your clan is a good idea, especially when there is also other cans as competition.

Gaining the first members

If you already have made some friends you can invite them to join you, if not you should start making some. Clans can work as groups of players but it is way better if everybody has shared interests and can work with the others well. Synergy within the core group can make the difference between a living, thriving clan community and a dead, lifeless structure. Make sure everybody is having fun and try to avoid internal conflicts, those can be deadly, especially in the beginning.


A good way of getting attention is hosting events for the community. There is a special Robocraft subforum for that. You already need a few members to do it properly but then it s a good chance to get people to join in a fun environment. Especially people that aren’t sure enough to just come by on their own might take this as an opportunity to check out what you are doing and what people are in the clan. You have your Discord server set up, right? Good.

Building an image

How do people view your clan from the outside? How do you want to be seen? Try to work on that. The most important factor is the behavior of every clan member in Robocraft and all social media. Any time a clan-member says something publicly, part of that is going to fall back on the whole clan. I have seen this countless times, from simple things to drama that only really involves one person but can drag the whole clan in. Projection can be powerful, the best thing to do is to offer as little points for attacks as possible.

Actions speak louder than words

How much freedom?

Knowing that, everybody needs to be a bit careful what to say and do. It is easy to solve these things if you are clearly in the right. On the other hand if there is a legitimate reason to complain that can get a bit hairy so it is important that every clan-member is aware of their responsibility towards the whole clan.

Also while it may be easy to solve the situation on a personal level, the image damage is often already done. Bad news spreads extremely quickly, nobody is going to hear the correction afterwards. There is a good old German song about that.

The Robocraft clan community is relatively small which means that you might get burned in a wider area than you think if you mess things up. With higher entry requirements, recruitment time and a solid group, things should run smoother on their own.

One bad thing can easily outweigh ten good things in the eyes of the public

Unwanted attention

It is impossible to please everybody. People will judge you anyways. The more known a clan is, the more haters it might get. The ratio is important. If it is only one or two in a hundred that’s to be expected in the Internet, just shut them out as good as possible. If it is 90% complaining about you, there is a good chance that you are the bad guy in the story.

Many people will only see what they want, which is often the negative aspects